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What other models say about us

Katya Clover

Professional Nude Model

"I worked with DROYC on several occasions and the very time I’m amazed and impressed by the results. What intrigued me about DROYC is the concept of brining up personality of each model and vision to create meaning beyond nudity."

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We are constantly searching for new opportunities to work with models. We believe in diversity of beauty and we are looking for models with exceptional human genetics to represent various races, nationalities and body shapes. We believe there is more than a single female beauty type and we want to make it our mission to bring attention to the diversity of beauty and variation of personalities and attitudes. Not everyone can become a DROYC model but if you are a person who is always different and never fits in any traditional labels – there’s a strong chance you are we are looking for. You might see lots of spread legs pictures in our work but don’t let that intimidate you. Spread legs are not a requirement for our models; that’s a subject which is always discussed and agreed before the shooting. The only requirement is to be comfortable shooting fully nude.

How do I work with DROYC Studios as a professional model?

If you saw our work, liked it and want to work with us as a model, please send us a short e-mail to containing:



We prefer to receive your e-mail in English, but don’t let this requirement limit you. You can write in your own language and send it to us. We’ll use Google Translate.

What other models say about us

Dominika C.

Professional Nude Model
"I was impressed with DROYC and the way they see and threat models. Their vision and quality is superb but it’s the caring attitude towards models that makes all the difference. I can only say I wish all other brands/photographers were like DROYC."

Prodigy. Marvel. Legendary.

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What other models say about us

Mila Azul

Top Professional Nude Model

"As a model, you are not only safe and respected on the set but you will also feel great. Michael, the photographer, challenged me artistically and I trusted him to lead me to what I think has become some of my best sets. I specially enjoyed DROYC’s hospitality and attention I’ve received during my stay in Stockholm. DROYC made it all very personal and special for me and I just loved this personal approach. I would work with DROYC again at any time and I can vouch for DROYC - use any of my social media accounts to contact me for verification."

Apply as a New Model

The best models we've worked with have all started with no initial high expectations of nude modeling. Yet very soon they discovered they each have their own super powers to command attention of millions of people. We call them: "Legendary", "Prodigy", and "Marvel". What will be your super power? Find it out. Join us for journey of your life.

Can you describe a typical nude model and how do they work?

There is no such thing as a typical model. All models are very different, have different looks, social classes, races, ages, life stories and motivations. Some are in a relationship some are not, some are traveling alone, some are not. Yet, most models start modeling at ages 18-23 and work until 30-32. Most models are average looking in plain clothes but look fabulous when nude. There is no specific hight requirement and many models are around 163cm. Slim, fit and proportionally long legs are probably the only thing that characterizes good models as all other parts of a body are very different and unique for each model. Most professional models don’t work every day but work in cycles – a few days or weeks of intense shootings and traveling and then a period of calm recharge. This style allows many models to pressure other hobbies or activities than just nude modeling. The true is that it is simply not enough work to work every day for all models.

As a nude model you get to travel around the world to most exotic places to meet and work with open-minded and creative people. After a while, if successful, many models built thousands of followers who often pay a small subscription fee to support their favorite model, generating an additional passive income for a model. Photographers that work with models could be anything from a private collector and lonely artist, to a staff photographer of an online website. Safety is a important subject and hence referral and reputation check is important. A good advise is to always do a check on who  you will work with and discuss what are you agreeing to do before the shooting. As a new model it is very important that you familiarize yourself with what legal documents you will be signing and what is a standard Model Release form.

How do I start as a new model?

You might have good looks and people might have told you that you should try modeling, but not everyone can become a nude model. The personality and character of a model is often as important as her looks.

If you have never tried nude modeling before, we suggest casting first. Any woman can get nude in front of a camera but that hardly makes her a model. To become a successful model you need more than dropping off your clothes – you need individuality, intelligence and professional ethics to name just a few.

Casting allows us to assess how well you fit into our model profile. Casting is a safe way for you to see if you like nude modeling. Most professional models do castings regularly for various projects and it is in no way a judgment call on the model’s looks or character, but a role fitting exercise for a project.

We pay €100/45min for your casting and the pictures are never published online, but just for you and us to see. If you are interested or just curious to learn more drop us a line at

How much can I expect to get paid as a new nude model?

As a new model we pay a minimum of €500/day + travel costs. However, the individual compensation varies greatly depending your looks, your personality, your social media presence, and the type of nude photography you are comfortable working with.

For models that we had qualified casting with we pay on average around €700-800/day. We’ll give you a personal offer.

I’m a huge Instagram celebrity, how can we work together?

We love to work with celebrities to spread our message. If you interested in shooting high quality nudes with us simply send and e-mail to We’ll review your application taking into account your social media presence and if you are qualified we’ll reply with a personal offer.

In very special cases – if you are a big media, sport or entertainment celebrity, we have an experimental technical and legal solution developed to manage your reputation and honor your contractual and legal obligations concerning your image and public appearances and still allow you to do high quality work with us.

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