We call it our “Nudiology” – an ideology behind our acclaimed nudes published in a magazine style with a personal intro note. Nudiology is the reason why we produce nudes the way we do, in a format that we have, and release it all for free. Nudiology is the reason why we rather work than watch Netflix.

Our formula is simple: High Quality Nudes + Strong Intellectual Foundation=Meaningful Communication. So what is it that we do then that is so different from Playboy or other magazines? Put in one sentence “We produce fabulous and honest high quality nudes. We use male’s natural attention to nudes to communicate important ideas about women, relationships and humanity and we release those sets for free.” In practice – we see that our stakeholders are women but our consumers are men, and Nudiology is the bridge, or Rosetta stone between the two sexes. The longer answer is much longer. Read on to find out.



DROYC is an experimental project lunched to answer one questions: can attention to female nudity be used as a direct communication channel to men to communicate important social and human issues? DROYC is a long-term artistic and social experiment and ultimately, we want women to own that channel and together with gifted artists create content and own the dialogue. We are privately funded and don’t operate as a business. We work as a community of passionate people united by similar beliefs and vision about a better future. We don’t let profit, clicks, or social pressure,  to influence our artistic vision and ideas that we want to try. Yet our success fully depends on private donations and public sharing of our content, and we want to engage men to sponsor the production involving their favorite models. At the core of it, the high



DROYC stands for “drop off your clothes” and contrary to what some might think it doesn’t mean “get nude to please male spectators”, not is it an overused play on female confidence – “get nude to feel empowered”, yet it could be if a woman wants it. Instead DROYC means taking a stand to defeat limiting and hostile social and moral norms that constrains and denies women’s rights to ones own body and silences woman as an individual. Getting nude and owning one’s body should not be a sign of public rebellion or mental weakness but a universal human right equal to the right of free speech.

In practice, DROYC-STUDIOS stand for fashionable, artistic nudes with attitude, in which we focus on women’s personality as unique human beings. An exceptional team of international artists, photographers and writers is producing stylish visuals of beauty, diversity and elegance of the female body. Our responsibility and challenge as a visionary leader abides in communicating today’s values to future generations. The choice we make as artists today defines a legacy of women who trust us to preserve their beauty for eternity. Done right, it’s a time machine, done wrong it’s a waste of human potential.



At DROYC we believe that equal opportunity and free choice is a birthright of each human-being, no matter the gender. Yet even today being born a woman dramatically limits one’s choices. As a society we don’t recognize traditional feminine values such as beauty, sexuality and empathy as equal to male values, like being strong, inventive and brave. We deny realities of woman’s anatomy, we reject the idea that men and woman are biologically different. On government level we ban prostitution, we ban abortion, we ban contraceptives, we make it hard for women to divorce and live independently. On a personal level we tell women their bodies are not their own but are subjects to regulations and protection from themselves; we tell them they are not capable of making own good choices, we we tell them their bodies have no value, we tell them they can’t have their own life independent of men. In many countries around the world a woman is guilty of her sexuality by birth – bad luck if you are born female. We shame women for their unique anatomy, yet that precise anatomy is responsible for all human life on Earth: monthly periods, breasts, vagina. We have a culture in which the female anatomy is not celebrated and praised, but bring social punishment; and it can’t be worshiped or celebrated without becoming an outcast. This is what we want to change with our project. We want to make erotic great again.



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