For New Models

How do I start as a nude model?

If you have never tried nude modeling before, we suggest doing a casting first. Casting is a safe way for you to see if you have what it takes to become a model and if you like it or not. There are free castings and paid castings, but at DROYC, all castings are paid castings. We pay €100/45min for your casting, and the pictures are never published online, but just for you and us to see. Having a casting can be a great way to start a wonderful creative relationship that can last for years!

If you want to cast with us, just fill in the Model Application form.
Currently, we only offer castings in Stockholm and occasionally at cities where we travel to.

What is casting?

To become a successful model, besides the looks, you need individuality, intelligence, and professional ethics. A lot of success in modeling depends on a model’s attitude. Any woman can get nude in front of a camera, but that hardly makes her a model. Casting is a test shoot where a model and photographer explore creative relationships. For a model, it is a way to see if she likes a photographer’s style and attitude. For a photographer, it is a way to see if a model fits his vision or a role. There are free castings and paid castings, and it is a decision you have to take for yourself. Generally, we advise never to work for free and ask for some compensation. Even a small compensation that will cover your travel costs is better than none. Try to be humble in your request, but don’t accept the idea that you should get nude in front of a stranger for free just because this person has seen hundreds of nude bodies before. It is not about him, but your own self-worth. At DROYC, all castings are paid.

How do I know that modeling is something for me?

You might have good looks, and people might have told you that you should try modeling. Or maybe you know you have a beautiful body, you love being nude, and you feel a pleasant rush by the idea that many people will see you nude. If that is the case, nude modeling might be a cool thing to try. But remember that the personality and character of a model are often as important as her looks. People often promote and recommend other people that they like. All else being equal, the best models are people with the best characters. If you have good looks and you like people, chances are you’ll like nude modeling.

What is the best age to start nude modeling?

On average, 22-25 years old is the best time to start nude modeling. The decision taken at that age is often more thought-through, and there is still enough time to develop a career. Nude modeling is more about sexual confidence than youth.

It is a myth that one should start modeling at 18. Some of the most powerful and influential models started nude modeling when they were 25. Being young often means being insecure, inexperienced, and naïve, and the camera lens amplifies all of this. It is super hard to have a strong personality at 18 that can overshadow a nude body. At 25, a woman’s confidence and attitude towards sexuality are greater and more sophisticated. Her past experiences are reflected in her personality.

How long does a nude model’s career last?

Most models work until their early 30’s. But it all depends on individual genetics. Some models at 34 look like their 20-year old peers; great skin, great shape, and great look. Others get older faster; they have families or switch to other careers at a much earlier age. The key to a successful nude modeling career is to use nude modeling as a platform to jumpstart another career. To do that, you need to understand the concept of ‘career planning.’

Will nude modeling damage my reputation and chances for a serious academic/business/political career later?

It might do; it depends on the country and the type of work or career path. Generally, our society has low sexual intelligence and will treat nudity as porn. Of course, being nude has nothing to do with performing sexual acts.

A lot of people believe in constraining female sexuality and will judge any women who dare to disobey as sluts, whores, stupid, crazy, desperate, or broken, and it will affect the way they see and treat women. Of course, it tells more about the people making the judgments than anything else.

We’ve started DROYC with an idea to democratize nudity – any woman should be able to shoot nudes with no consequences. We believe that the more women who do it – the less controversial it becomes. We call it “from controversial to conventional.”

Nudity is just a state of being – a human with no clothes.

It also depends on the type of publication rather than the degree of nudity. There are a lot of bad photographers with bad taste and no skills whatsoever who do a terrible job of depicting a female body. In such shots, a woman looks cheap and vulgar, and it is something that will always be available to everyone to see online. The quality of a photograph has an impact on how the picture is perceived; hence, you should always strive to work with great photographers. Publications that are stylish and of a high-quality are more forgiving, and in a way, even prestigious.

Choosing whom you work with is the most important thing if you want to keep your reputation. Getting nude is easy. Showing this nudity in a stylish way is hard. If you shoot for DROYC, you are in control of how you want to be seen.

What is the difference between nude photography and porn?

Conceptually, the difference is in the words used to describe the material. In porn, the words that are used to describe the material are verbs of actions or skills like what is done to a woman or what women are capable of doing. In nude photographs, the words are descriptive: how a woman looks, what are her genetic and anatomical features. The focus is on the beauty rather than the action. So, think of porn as fantasy: “what can be done to a woman” vs. nude photography as education about the “looks and variation of female genetics.” One is action-driven, and the other is personality-driven.

My boyfriend wants me to try nude modeling. Should I?

Probably not. If this is not something that you feel you want to do yourself, you should never do it. There are certain risks involved in nude modeling, and you should only take those risks if this is your own idea. Don’t let anyone else tell you who should see your body. It is your body, and only you can make that call.

I want to try nude modeling, but my boyfriend is against it. What should I do?

In one sentence, it is “your body, your choice.” Only you should have the final say in this. But of course, we all have to cooperate with the people close to us. We need to sell them our vision so that they will accept and support our choices. Try to ask why your boyfriend is against your idea? What does it mean to him? How does he see it? Try to explain your own reason for your point. Show him DROYC’s sets and let him imagine you being on that cover…
Why do you think nude modeling will be good for you?
What do you see in it?
Why do you want to do it?
Bringing up money as a reason for nude modeling will seldom work. The counter-argument will be – “I’ll give you money, please stay home.” Things like art, self-expression, self-exploration, sexuality, aging, and timing are factors that might help a person to see your point of view.

Will my parents/friends be able to see my nude pictures?

Eventually yes. Everyone you know will eventually get to know what you are doing. This is the nature of the internet. It doesn’t matter if your content is behind a paywall, registration wall, or was promised to be for private use only. Once pictures are online, a photographer has no ability to control where they end up. Pictures could be downloaded from any site and republished somewhere else. Having said that, recognition is not a bad thing. Our experience is that most models have good relationships with their parents and partners. There is love and support in their relationships, and it is one reason why so many models keep doing nudes for years. It will be very hard to live a double life for so long. Instead, the initial shame and shock is replaced with admiration of artistic value. Everyone appreciates beauty.

One tip is not to protect the pictures but make it harder to connect the pictures with a real person. One way is to use a nickname or artistic name in all your work.
Create a social media account with that name and use it to grow your fan base.

What are the risks of nude modeling?

The largest risks, of course, are social punishment and reputation damage. People might have strongly biased opinions of what type of women do nude modeling and judge accordingly. Some might choose to see nude models as less intelligent humans and with serious character defects. Naturally, this is just another myth that society and media want to maintain, and bad and low-quality pictures help keep this myth alive. This damage to women’s reputation is the price society wants women to pay for disobedience and daring to live her life as she wants to. But once this price is paid, a lot more possibilities open up. By designing your own career plan in nude modeling, you can make your life far more successful and fulfilling than most other jobs. And while the risk of harassment or social punishment is real, eventually, even parents learn to accept it. Always try to work in high-quality productions only.

The other risk is safety. As a model, one might meet odd and ill-minded photographers and producers. The risks run from unpleasant sexual advances on set to fraud and abuse. The key is to never work with anyone without a proper reference check. Think about it – you’ll be nude and alone in a room with a total stranger – do your homework well. It is hard to manage abuse and sexual advances when you are dressed, but it is so much harder when you are nude. Having said that, there are many absolutely wonderful humans who will blow you away with their kindness, creativity, and respect. Many models have long friendships with photographers that results in many great productions. Often it is about finding a few good people to work with and that that will be your trusted circle.

Another risk is fans. Most models will eventually get a cult of followers. This is usually a good thing as it will help a model to transition to some other revenue stream. But a fanbase is also a source of crazy and mentally unstable lonely men. Some fans will go to great lengths to meet their favorite models: pretending to be photographers or rich business owners. Others will hallucinate a relationship with you and act as if you are waiting for him to come and marry him. The key here is to keep your private information (real name, address, phone number, etc.) private so that they are not easily accessible. Keep your modeling and private life separate and avoid meeting your fans in real life.

Risk management:

  • Work only in high-quality productions - You’ll be judged by your worst pictures, so make sure even the worst ones are pretty damn good.
  • Always do the reference check about the people that you will be working with. Ask the photographer to give you the names of a few models that he has worked with for your reference check.
  • Ask the photographer to send you his ID. A simple request will do it; “Could please send me a picture of your ID? I had a very bad experience once and I want to know in advance who will I be working with”
  • Ask the photographer for the exact address where you’ll be working, and make sure he knows that more people than just you will know this address. You can ask, for example, “Could you tell me the exact address where we’ll be shooting? My friend will be picking me up at the end of the shooting and I need to tell him where to come”.
  • We recommend taking a picture of the photographer’s IDs as they will do this with your passport.
  • Create an artist’s name and work under this name, ensuring privacy for your real identity and home address.
  • Don’t meet fans in real life, especially not one to one.
  • Don’t interact and encourage developing fantasies about marriage, sex, or traveling with your fans. You never know how a mentally ill person can interpret an innocent flirt.

Why do so few women do nude modeling?

There are few people who will see nude modeling as a legit way of making money for a woman. Even fewer will recognize the artistic side of it instead of just erotica and exhibitionism. Our culture punishes women who disobey traditional female roles. This is done by creating a false narrative in media around who and why someone might do such a thing as pose nude. Such a narrative is often around “easy money” and “fallen women” and often ends up in a personal tragedy: a woman with no family, friends, and addicted to drugs. But, of course, the reality is quite different; models have millions of followers; they travel around the world to the most amazing places and meet new and creative people. The opportunities are plenty, and when it comes to health, mental well-being, and personal freedom, it is far better than a job at the office. The key is to have a career plan in nude modeling, just as one would do in any other job.

At DROYC, we let models write essays to accompany their pictures. We do that to combat the false cultural narrative of nude modeling as a “losers” job. Many of the models we work with are smart, highly-educated, and socially intelligent people that worked at big corporations and agencies and decided that life at the office is not what they were meant to do with their lives. And indeed, “born to be at the office” sounds far more boring than “born to be nude.”

I have a great body, but I don’t think I have the face of a model. Should I apply?

Yes! Absolutely! Culturally we place far greater attention on the face because we wear clothes most of the time. The face and hands are the only body parts that are visible in most clothes. However, once nude, a face is just one element of a full body. The details of the face that were so important when dressed are melting into indignance compared to the other parts of the body when nude. It is often the case that beautiful breasts, a thin waist, long legs, or overall fitness of the body are visually overtaking the facial features that were so important when dressed. A good photographer will be able to see and amplify your strongest body parts.

I’ve heard that nude modeling is a slippery slope into porn. Is that so?

True but rarely. Some models indeed choose to start doing porn. But the percentage is very small and, for those who choose to transition, it might not be a bad thing. Contrary to the popular narrative of bad porn, most models who get into porn do it for their own curiosity. Nude modeling opens up sexuality, and the next natural step is then to explore that sexuality further. So, besides the money, porn provides a safe haven for sexual experimentation. It is a safe a-la-carte environment where a woman can choose any type of sexual experience that she wants and get paid for it. It is far safer to have sex in porn - everyone is tested regularly, and there are people on the set for physical safety. So yes, some models choose to start doing porn for sexual exploration, not necessarily the money. Money is how our culture tries to make sense of female sexuality, but it is rarely the only reason. Just as doctors don’t save lives for money, pornstars don’t necessarily see money as the main motivation.

Nude modeling requires a woman with great genetics, which naturally limits the pool of women who can become a model and earn a living in that way. Porn, on the other hand, is sex, which means that most people can do porn if social stigma is no more. Most porn talents come straight into porn with no need to start nude modeling first.

Can you describe a typical nude model?

First of all, there is no such thing as a typical model. All models are very different. They have different looks, come from different backgrounds, and are of different races and age brackets. Their motivations for work differ too. Some are in a relationship; some are not. Some are traveling alone, and some are traveling in groups. Some have higher education and had a career at a large company. Yet, if we want to generalize - most models start modeling at ages 18-23 and work until 30-32. Most models are average looking when dressed but look fabulous when nude. There is no specific height requirement, and many models are around 163-167cm. Slim, fit, and proportionally long legs are probably the only thing that characterizes good models, as all other parts of a body are very different and unique for each model.

What does a nude model do, and how much does she work?

Most professional models don’t work every day but work in cycles – a few days or weeks of intense shootings and traveling and then a period of calm to recharge. This style allows many models to pursue other hobbies or activities than just nude modeling. Since models make money with their looks, the longer breaks allow them to take care of their skin and body. To get enough sleep, to exercise, and to eat well.

A nude model often travels around the world to the most exotic and beautiful places to meet and work with open-minded and creative people. After a while, if successful, many models build thousands of followers who often pay a small subscription fee to support their favorite models. This is generating an additional passive income for a model besides the paid model jobs.

Photographers that work with models can be anything from a private collector or lonely artist to a staff photographer of an online website or magazine. A model’s safety is paramount, and the referral and reputation checks of photographers are of primary importance. Before the shooting starts, a model and photographer agree on the shoot’s creative vision. Often it is easier for a model to act as if she knows what the photographer has in mind. After the shooting is over, a model is often required to sign a Model Release Form which gives the photographer the right to edit and sell the model’s images. Without the signed release form, the photographer can only use the pictures for his private use, i.e., they cannot be made public. As a new model, it is very important that a model familiarizes herself with what legal documents she will be required to sign and what to look for in a standard Model Release Form.

How is a model’s fee calculated, and can I set my own price?

The model fee is composed of three parts. Part one is the model’s genetic potential – how much could she earn by just showing her body with no pictures allowed to be taken?
The second part is compensation to access the rights to use the camera when she is nude.
And the final part is the price to allow the pictures to be published and sold.
So, to put it simply, “pay X and I’ll show you my body,” “pay 2X and I’ll allow you to snap pictures of me too,” and “pay 5X and I’ll allow you to make money off the pictures that you’ve taken.”

As a rule of thumb, 60% of the model’s fee is for her signature on the Model Release Form, where she gives away her rights to the pictures. This can vary depending on the model’s experience and her ability to attract paying customers.

This means that if a model is making €1,000 for a one-day production, her time and talent is worth €200 (genetics), her price tag to allow a camera to be used is another €200, and the remaining €600 is for giving away her rights to the pictures, by signing a Model Release Form. That given away rights include compensation for potential damage to personal reputation and compensation for commercial use of the products. As a model becomes more famous, her compensation for reputation damage is decreasing while her commercial value is increasing. Some models are able to ask for several thousand euros per day because they know that their popularity among fans creates such a demand for new content that it will generate far more money than her fee.

To summarize, a model’s fee is composed of several compensation parts, and the relationship among them is not fixed. This means that model’s fees are usually different between a commercial production that requires a Model Release Form and a private shooting, where pictures could never be sold or published online. In the example above, a commercial shot would be €1,000, and a private shot would be €400. There are also different prices per hour vs. a full day, where some models choose to give discounts for a full day, while others want to work just 2-4 hours.

What is a Model Release Form?

A Model Release Form is a legal document that a model needs to sign in order for a photographer to be able to use the pictures commercially or otherwise, anything beyond private use. A Model Release Form usually gives unlimited rights to a photographer to use the pictures: pictures can be modified, published, and sold. There are many variations of the Model Release Form, and it is vital that a model carefully reads what she is agreeing to give away before signing anything.

For All Models

How much can I expect to get paid as a new nude model?

As a new model, we pay a minimum of €500/day + travel costs. However, the individual compensation varies greatly depending on your looks, your personality, your social media presence, and the type of nude photography you are comfortable working with.

For models that we had qualified casting with, we pay, on average, around €700-800/day.

For professional models, we comply with their own commercial rates.

Who will own my pictures?

Normally, in a commercial shoot, a model will sign a Model Release Form transferring all the photo rights to a photographer. If not stated in the contract, a model holds no rights to the pictures, and her approval of retouching or other modifications are not required. This means that in some cases, the only thing that a model will get out of shooting is her model fee. Naturally, most photographers try to use a model’s fan base to boost their own popularity and will give a model permission to use some of the pictures if she links back to his page.

What should I watch out for in a Model Release Form before signing it?

A standard Model Release Form will give the photographer unlimited and irreversible rights to modify and sell the pictures. This might mean that even if a photographer cast you for Project X, he can still sell pictures to site Z. If you really don’t want to see your picture and your name associated with a certain site, make sure you put in writing that you don’t give permission to sell your pictures on that site.

An example is a nude model contracted by a photographer who works for a site called “Busty Millennials” (fictional name). They agree to work together. After the shooting, a model signed a Model Release Form, thereby giving the photographer unlimited rights to use her pictures. Six months later, she finds out her pictures have been published on another site called “Sex 4 Travel” (fictional name), a site featuring porn but also some nude pictures. For a model, this might be reputation damage by association. Just having her name on that site automatically gives the assumption that she’s done more than just nude photography. It might close doors to other projects that want to stay away from porn.

When she confronts the photographer about it, he tells her that “Busty Millennials” unfortunately didn’t want to buy her sets, so he had no choice but to sell it to another site to get back the money that he paid to her. To prevent this situation from happening, always put in writing that the Model Release Form is only limited to Site X, Y, and Z. This will prevent your pictures from being sold to any other site except those mentioned in the agreement.

Another form of wording to watch for is “unlimited modification.” This means that a photographer can make your breasts three sizes bigger, and you can’t object to it. If this is an issue for you, always make sure you add that you agree to modifications but only those that don’t significantly alter your genetic and anatomical features.

It is also common that a photographer’s name is not listed on the Model Release Form. It could be a problem if you have a dispute. Make sure to ask the photographer to add it in or ask to take a picture of his ID. Never leave the set without having the full contact information for a photographer. As a general rule, if a photographer asked you for your passport (to check your age), you can ask him for his ID. If he asks you to take a picture of your passport, ask him to take a picture of his ID too. Don’t be shy to be too safe.

Finally, always ask for your own copy of the Model Release Form. If a dispute should arise, it is always better to have your own copy.

What measures do you have to guarantee my safety?

New identity: You can choose your desired artist name in our Model Release Form. This means that we are contractually obliged only to use that artist’s name whenever we use your pictures. Your real name will never be used anywhere. You can also choose if you want us to link to your social media accounts or not.

Safety: A model’s safety is our number one priority. Before we ask a woman to get nude, she needs to be absolutely sure that it is safe for her to do so. Instead of guessing how to create the right conditions for a model to feel safe, we’ve asked women themselves. We sat down with models and created a Code of Conduct (COC) - a document addressing sexual harassment, working relationships, privacy, and ethics. The COC applies to all people working at or for DROYC. The best indication of its effectiveness is great satisfaction and the high number of referrals each model gives us. But of course, you are free to contact any model and ask for yourself.

Reputation: DROYC is built with future generations in mind, and our work needs to be high-quality and timeless if we want to be relevant in 50 years. We produce high-quality work that everyone who is involved is happy about. It is never about quantity - be it the number of models or number of pictures. We don’t publish lots of pictures, but only the best ones. We don’t work with lots of models; those that we choose are exceptional. As a principle, we want to work with a model over and over again. It is in our interests to create a working environment that a model will be happy with, and will want to work with us again, want to promote her work with us, and want to refer new models to us. To do that, we only publish the best material of each model, and the final selection is presented to the model for her feedback. While we can’t guarantee that we will act on models’ feedback, many times, we’ve removed or replaced images that a model expressed her dislike. And, if there are images that might be considered damaging to a model’s reputation, we will certainly not publish them.

Control: We respect a model as a fellow artist and don’t do tricks to show more nudity than she is comfortable with. We try to show the model what images have been captured during shooting, so she is getting a sense of the shooting style, and what is visible. At the end of the shooting, we usually hand over the camera to the model so that she can go through and delete any images that she doesn’t like before signing the Model Release Form. We trust and rely on a model’s judgment.

Can I talk to other models who you’ve worked with?

Yes, of course. You don’t have to ask our permission to do so. Head over to our Instagram account, where we have listed many models that we’ve worked with, and pick any to contact and ask about us. For example, you can ask Katya Clover, Ilvy Kokomo or Taya Vais.

How many models have you worked with more than once?

Many. We’ve worked with many models more than once, five times being the maximum.

Many of those that we only had a chance to work once with are still our good friends.

Are you doing porn as well?

While some of our models are pornstars, we are not associated with any porn studio. You might have seen that in some of our shots, a model is touching her genitalia, which under some definition could be seen as “pornographic material,” but this was not our intention. It just happened that at this particular moment, a model decided to touch herself. We didn’t stop her, and we didn’t censor her feelings. If she felt that way, so be it.

Is nude modeling considered an escort service?

We are in no way associated with any escort service.

Once, our good name was used to recruit women on Instagram for an escort service, promising them up to $30,000 in income. The account was a 100% clone of our account – with all the same pictures and everything taken from our legitimate account. Luckily many models that worked with us got this message too and immediately reported that imposter account. It was deleted in just a few hours.

There is always a risk of identity theft online. This, unfortunately, we can’t really prevent from happening again.

If you get any offer from DROYC-STUDIOS, you should always check it directly with

What is career planning in nude modeling?

Career planning refers to a plan of developing a career as a nude model, including when and how to transition to a new revenue stream. The plan will be unique for each model’s needs, but there are a few common areas. There are models who only shoot once a year with us and never work with anyone else. For those models, nude modeling is not a career but a fun experience that they want to do only every so often. Other models want to make nude modeling their main source of income.

Here, the key is exposure and the number of followers on social media. The more followers you have, the easier it will be to transition to something else later. Followers are your safety net and retirement fund.

Typically, nude modeling career planning for a model that wants to make money looks something like this:

Year 1: Exploring and learning the opportunities, industry, and fans. Think learning and connecting but also planning how you will grow your followers. Focus on small, individual productions where you can get good and valuable feedback on your performance. Don’t focus on making too much money just yet, but don’t work for free either. Once you’ve built up the confidence and experience, you can set-up much higher fees.

To do Year 1:
Open social media accounts under your artist name. Twitter should be your home base for fans, while Instagram is great for finding new photographers. Instagram, however, is fanatically anti-nude-women, and many models have lost several accounts for minor violations. For this reason, Twitter is a safe harbor place, and each time you have to open a new Instagram account, you’ll get most of the fans back in just a few days if you have Twitter. But losing an Instagram account also means losing all your messages and ongoing communications. Take screenshots from time-to-time and download important documents like flight tickets, etc.; you never know when Instagram will block your account and you will lose access to important information.
Learn what content works best to post on Instagram vs. Twitter. Learn who your fans are and why do they follow you. How did they find you? Understanding this will help you find more fans.
Explore other model’s social media to find new photographers and inspiration for shots.
Talk to other models for their recommendations with whom to work with.
Contact photographers who can build a great portfolio.
Contact photographers who can teach you and make you a better model.
Contact photographers who can open doors to a network of other photographers.
Try to get a fair assessment for yourself: what is in your way to command higher fees. Do you need to start exercising and improving your looks? Do you need to learn another language to communicate better to get more jobs? Do you need to learn better social skills to be perceived as more fun and confident? Whatever you decide here and now, make sure you have a plan of how to get there.

Year 2-3: Execute your growth plan. This often means working with large websites to maximize exposure and grow your followers. The task here is to hold a high-quality bar but also work with as many commercial projects as possible. Don’t settle for bad quality just because it is well paid – you will always be judged on your worst work. Your goal in this step is to create a name for yourself. You should transition to the next step once you’ve reached at least 100K followers. This is the minimum size that is required to open your own channel and make a living out of it.

Year 4-5: Once you’ve reached at least 100K followers you can open your own OnlyFans or webpage. Now you are ready to work for yourself. Keep shooting with commercial sites for exposure but focus 80% of your time creating your own content. You are now a brand that people want to pay to follow. This will, however, introduce some new costs that you never had to think about when you worked for someone else: Who and where will produce your content to satisfy your fans? Here your experiences from years of shooting might help you find the right partner or maybe encourage you to do it all yourself.

Year 5-7: Once you have a revenue stream of €3K/month or more, you can focus on the transition to something else. You can study for a new profession, develop a hobby, plan to make that 6-month trip that you always wanted. The idea is to find a source of income and inspiration once you stop modeling. Often at this stage, models realize that they have more opportunities than most of their peers working in offices. Some models choose to study photography and become photographers themselves; others want to become retouches or open their own modeling agency and bring in new models.

Year 7-10: At this stage, many successful models have become influencers and have serval income streams. They are not only nude models now but are experts on traveling, beauty, photography, personal relationships, and sexuality. They still do the occasional commercial shootings to bring in new fans, but mostly they are working for themselves. Their user base is often 300K-1M followers, and they have enough money coming in each month to start investing: buying real estate, opening their own small store or café, buying a gas station, or a beauty salon. At this stage, a model can stop modeling entirely and still be financially secured by her other revenue streams - anything from owning a clothing line to sex toys, books, workshops, and seminars. Beauty and many followers are an asset in the digital economy and are a lucrative proposition to many brands, which allows for many creative and profitable partnerships and endorsement deals.

Where can I go from nude photography?

Nude modeling is just a platform to develop and broadcast your personality, meet creative people, and build a large follower base. When all those three things are aligned, you can do pretty much anything. Many models transition to other creative fields: photography, video, retouch, editing, but also design and fashion. Other models open their own model agencies or webshops, or they create games or apps. Some become influencers in beauty, sport, sexuality, and make money on endorsement and partnerships.

When would you recommend to a woman not to apply?

We don’t recommend applying when you are just 18. Wait a year or two to get some experience and to have the proper time to think about it. Keep it as your fantasy – do some research, talk to models or photographers, but hold off until you are a bit older. There are some things that you might regret later if they are done in a rush. Don’t think that your genetics will be worse at 22 than they were at 18. If anything, being a bit more mature is far sexier.

Another important factor is your personal interest in modeling beyond money. If you only do it for the money, but you hate the thought of it, then you probably shouldn’t do it. You will regret it later, and there will be no way to remove the bad pictures from the internet. You will most likely not be successful as your attitude will be seen in the pictures. Do it only if you are at least curious and intrigued about doing something meaningful with your body – not just getting paid to be nude.

You should also not do it if it is not your idea. Don’t do it for your boyfriend or because you want to prove something to someone. Do it only if you want to do it yourself.

Finally, if you are not in a mentally stable state, you shouldn’t do it. Don’t do it after a break-up or something that can affect your judgment call. Once the hard period is over, you might regret what you’ve done.

What type of models are you looking for?

We are looking for all models who have interesting genetics. We don’t have specific requirements or preferences for any type, except for when we run casting for specific themes. The main thing is a good fitness level and an overall healthy look. You can be skinny or a fitness model with large thighs. You can be of any race and any height.

I have tattoos. Can I apply?

Absolutely. We have nothing against tattoos, and around 10% of our models have them. The key is not if you have a tattoo or not, but if they are well made and adds to your personality. If you are in any doubt, just apply, and we’ll get back to you.

I have silicone. Can I apply?

Sure. We like to represent all women, and some women have silicone. The deciding factor for us is not the silicone, but if it is a job well done. There are some boob-jobs that are pretty bad. Others are well made and are only detectable by touch. Whatever it is, just apply!

I’m black. Can I apply?

Hell yeah! There are few things that we desperately want more of. One of such things is more black models. The nude landscape is dominated by white bodies, which is great but not at all representative of all women. This creates an unrealistic representation of women’s bodies and beauty. We want all women to be represented fairly, and some black women are of amazing beauty. We want to bring that beauty to the world. So, if you are anything other than white in your skin color, don’t hesitate to apply. We want you with us!

Most of your models are shaved. Is this a requirement or a preference?

It is a strong preference. We don’t try to create a cultural narrative that every woman is a shaved woman, but photography is all about light. In real life, some women shave for hygiene or own look preference; other women shave because it is better for sexual experience. It is their personal choice to do or not to do it.

In photography, however, hair is a visual distraction. Hair doesn’t reflect light as much as skin, and it creates a strong contrast in its texture against the skin. That contrast draws the eyes disproportionally more than any other area. It has nothing to do with sex or enforcing female standards, but shaved bodies look better in pictures. Contrary to popular belief, hair doesn’t draw attention away from the genitals, but quite the opposite. It attracts the look but hides the anatomy. By removing the pubic hair, a body becomes one big piece of skin that interreacts and reflects the light that falls on it. The clit and genital area are part of that skin, and it breaks the light differently compared to the smooth surface of the legs below it and venus bone above it. It creates a far more interesting dynamic where different types of skin compete for attention. If unshaved, all that play of light would be lost.

Shaving also has a positive educational effect. It shows a great diversity in the shape of female genitalia and confirms that there is no such thing as normal or standard genitalia.

I’m based in a far-away land. Can I apply?

Sure, while we may be based in Europe, we are not restricted to this area. Great genetics knows no borders! Please apply!

Where are you located?

We are based in STOCKHOLM, Sweden.

How can I contact you if I’m not yet ready to apply?

You can contact us at